Unsecured Personal Loans-Find Trustworthy Lenders

An unsecured personal loans is a loan given to borrowers without them giving some form of security or collateral. Security can be in the form of a house or a car, making this loan a big risk to the lender. The borrower, instead, is taken through a personal credit check of his history by the lender to decide if he will be granted the loan or not. These loans are sometimes called personal loans by some lenders while some call it unsecured loans.

There are various features commonly associated with unsecured personal loans. The features are described below:

Highlights of unsecured personal loans

1. You do not need any form of collateral to qualify for an unsecured personal loan.

2. Interest rates for unsecured personal loans are higher than those for secured loans like a mortgage or home equity loan. However, the rates are lower than those of most credit cards.
3. An unsecured personal loan has fixed terms which means that they must be paid off at the end a set term with a fixed rate of interest.
4. Another characteristic is the revolving line of credit like credit cards, which means that interest rates in this case vary.
5. Interest rates on an unsecured personal loan is not tax relieved, thus it has no tax deductions like interest rates on a home loan.

There are various factors you need to consider before taking that unsecured personal loan. Be sure to understand the loans fully then sit down and weigh up the various pros and cons before talking the unsecured personal loan.


1. An unsecured personal loan is the best option for a loan if you don’t own a home, a car or enough home equity.

2. The loan has a fixed term and rate of interest that makes sure you stay disciplined and repay the loan within the agreed period of time. This is better than a credit card which tempts you to continue spending unnecessarily.

3. The loan’s interest is also lower than most of the credit card rates.


The interest payments are not tax deductible unlike interest on a loan to a home.

1. The interest rates on unsecured personal loans can be as high as over 10% in some cases, while rates for mortgages and home equity loans are much lower in comparison.

If your money is fast dwindling, you need to get an unsecured personal loan. You may urgently need money for various needs for your home. For example you may have huge outstanding bills to clear like medical bills, school fees and rent arrears. An unsecured personal loan may be the best solution for you depending on the circumstances. You need to understand all about unsecured personal loans before you go ahead and apply for one.

To get unsecured personal loans, you need to search for all the loans for bad credit available . Then you should compare the various lenders with their different interest rates and repayment plans and decide which unsecured personal loan works best for you.